Soledad California Art

The project, launched in November 2019 by California artists and writers, uses former farmland that was decommissioned after the 1995 flood and is being reclaimed by nature. A secret garden called Lesnini Field was created to showcase the art and highlight the discovery, with an emphasis on the history of the country and its use as a natural environment.

Broken concrete pipes are scattered across parts of the former levee system, and Jennifer Robin Berry, a visiting ecologist, shows them how the pipes have become a habitat for rodents, foxes and other animals. During their time at Lesnini Field, the artists said they discovered part of a wildlife corridor along the river. While there are plans to plant trees to protect the land, they said they are open to leaving permanent artworks and having a large number of visitors on the site. Les nini field is set for an indefinite period, but the artist is open to proposals and proposals for locations.

The Planning Department works with other departments of the community to ensure a continued quality of life for residents and business owners in and around Soledad. Staff may also have the opportunity to discuss the project with the work to determine whether there are special requirements. Please note that the inspections must be clarified before the approval of the utilities and the issuance of a proof of occupancy. The planning department is also responsible for the development of general building guidelines for residential and commercial development within the city limits and for the development of public works projects.

The Economic Development Department of the municipality is committed to the economic vitality and safe, livable neighborhoods that reflect, preserve and enhance Soledd's unique cultural and historical character. To this end, the city's business development program implements and promotes business relations that provide young and established companies alike with information about new trends and opportunities. The department also promotes the development of economic development strategies for the community to facilitate informed decision-making - decision-making. Economic development is defined as policies and programs that help to increase economic activity in municipalities by creating more and better jobs and providing access to economic opportunities for residents and business owners in and around the city. We not only promote investment in our city by creating new businesses and jobs, such as new schools, parks, public facilities and public transport, but also promote economic growth, job creation and economic opportunities for our residents, businesses, families and businesses.

Different types of precipitation observed during the day (without trace amounts) and the percentage of time spent in the cloudy skies. In this section, the total amount of precipitation, snow and other precipitation that reaches the surface over a large area is taken into account, taking into account the number of days of rain and snow that fall on the same day. The percentage time is categorized by the percentage of the sky - clouds covered and in terms of total cleaning the percentage of clouds that cover the sky.

The clear part of the year in Soledad starts on May 17 and lasts 5.4 months, ends on October 29 and the rainy part from June 1 to October 30.

The vertical axis is the hour of the day, the horizontal axis is the days, and the colored areas indicate when the moon is above the horizon. The ribbons (yellow, grey, etc.) indicate the time of day and night and the number of days in the year. Ribbons are indicated by red, blue, green, orange, yellow and red - green colors, and ribbon indicates the color of the night.

In this view, the viewer can see how the Salinas River has shaped the land, wildlife and vegetation through a changing ecology. The average daily short-wave solar energy reaches the ground per square meter (orange line). The perceived humidity in Soledad varies considerably from day to day, while the humidity comfort (measured as muggy, oppressive or miserable) remains practically constant at 0.0%. A slightly tinted area at the border is the sunshine hour (red line) and the shade of the trees (blue line) as well as the temperature (green line).

I have heard that the Smithsonian is coming to Soledad, where the mural will be removed and preserved after the demolition of San Quentin. It will probably be exhibited in a museum gallery in the future, but I am curious if they will come back when it is torn down, where we will keep it.

In a bittersweet statement, they said: 'Although I managed to take photos, I still consider them the ones I was not allowed to take. How did your work in three California prisons affect the rest of your career? Photos are exactly that, they are not taken in a visually rich environment, and the court has made a preliminary agreement with the photos and we have been able to restrict their distribution.

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More About Soledad