Northern California inmate found slain in prison cell

Published 10-16-2018

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SOLEDAD, Calif. (AP) - Corrections officials say a 33-year-old inmate has been killed at a Northern California prison.

Salinas Valley State Prison officials said Tuesday that Armando Wehr was found unresponsive in his maximum security cell late Monday with multiple puncture wounds and lacerations.

He did not have a cellmate and investigators have not identified a suspect or suspects.

Wehr was serving a life sentence from Contra Costa County for second-degree murder.

Local media at the time reported that Wehr, also known as Armando Curtis Garcia-Wehr, was convicted of fatally shooting a 32-year-old father of six in the back of the head as he left an Antioch nightclub in 2007.

The prison in Monterey County houses nearly 3,300 inmates.

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